Monday, February 05, 2007

To Nell from London (a Nell, de Londres)

Thanks to the miracle of internet we've got the first testimony of a person who knew Teresa Ann/Gracias al milagro de internet tenemos el primer testimonio de una persona que conoció a Teresa Ann:

"I knew Teresa when she was 16 and living in London, I remember when she went off to Italy. I was best friends with Jean, her sister"/ "Conocí a Teresa cuando tenía 16 años y vivía en Londres. Recuerdo cuando se fue a Italia. Yo era la mejor amiga de su hermana Jean". Nell (26-01-07)

Concluyo este apartado con una foto muy simpática de ella en bici en Terrasini, a los 18 años.


10345753 said...

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Gil, said...

Great news, congratulations!
Last week I saw 'Caligula' again, after 25 years, when the movie came in Brasilia, Brazil....
And I saw Terry again. She was so beautiful, so sweet at the screen. She rocks me, cause she's stunning!
This made me search some additional information about her, about her life after that film.
There's no much information about Terry on the web, unfortunately. I think nowadays few people know about her life, only her family or the closest friends.
These days I intend see Salon Kitty..

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haatik said...


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Vassily Russov said...

El Vaso Ruso tiene un link de este blog.

¿Podrías retribuirle el favor?

maiorani said...

Hi there, I am an very old Terry's friend. Here a picture together from 1979.

Big kiss to Terry

Marcello from New York